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Welcome to Deal Ninja!

Deal Ninja is an Atlanta-based company with a mission of saving people money:

Deal Ninja’s goal is simply to save you money on the things you love. Each day there are hundreds of new deals, sales, and coupons out on hundreds of products and we know finding them can be a pain. One day, we thought that we could really help people out if we took our knowledge of deal finding and put everything we knew in one convenient place. We hope that DealNinja.com is your one-stop source for the finding the latest coupons and deals from thousands of your favorite retailers. Because our standards are so high, we publish only what we would recommend to our friends and family, so that way you can recommend them to yours!

We aren’t just here to help you shop. We also want to give you the answers you need to make informed shopping decisions. Each deal and coupon you can find comments, reviews, ratings, and item details. We want to build a community of shoppers where you are encouraged to leave feedback and share your opinions for the rest of the community. Our blog features articles that are relevant to shopping and saving you money. Here you will find everything from how to buy running shoes to cheapest times to book airfare.

We want our fans to feel as excited about saving as we do. If you know any good deals, coupons or sales that you want to add, then just let us know. We encourage feedback from you so we can make the experience better. Want to know us better? Just find look below.

Hello my name is:


The idea for dealninja.com has been an ongoing passion of mine. I am a window shopper at heart. Before I would make any  purchase, I would shop around, read reviews, and try to find the best discounts possible. My friends would come to me for advice about buying TVs, setting up home theaters, and just ask how to find the best deals. Working as a teacher, I learned how to scout for discounts which is where I discovered that there are huge discounts from major retailers that we never know about. So now my goal is to bring all those savings to you. Besides working to save you money, I love playing tennis, soccer, reading about technology, cars (old and new), and traveling.


My name is Derek and I am glad that you have joined our dealninja community!  RJ, Dan, and I came up with the idea of dealninja out of our own shopping habits.  We were always on prowl looking for the newest and best deals to save us money.  As a teacher and graduate student I have always been looking for a way to save a few bucks.  However, I soon realized that it took to much time from my day, trying to research deals.  One day, while having a conversation with Dan and RJ, we wondered, “Why isn’t there a site that combines all of the deals we like into one area?”  From that day on, we decided to create our own site that would focus on providing the best deals daily for everyone.  I hope this site saves you time and money! Our goal is to enable you to save huge and spend more time doing the things you love.  Since using dealninja, not only have I saved money; but I am able to read books, run, and finish my dissertation! I am glad you joined our website and I look forward to helping you saving money!


Thanks for checking out our site!  As an avid online shopper I am always looking for the lowest prices on anything I am interested in purchasing.  However shopping online for great deals can be tedious and take up so much time! When we came up with this idea, I became very excited because it would not only save you time but ME as well!  Since using this site I have saved money on my favorite hobbies including golf, computers, and music.  I’m very excited that we are here to help you save time and money on the products you want to buy.

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